Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have WIFI at our North River Kayak Tours site just footsteps away. You will have to go walk 125 footsteps for connection to the outer world

Can I bring and extra person to the cabin?

No, you can’t. Maximum number of persons is 4 per cabin and the number of persons coming should be agreed when making the reservation. Maximum number of persons per cottage or what is agreed when making the reservation, must not be exceeded. Please, notice that also small children and babies should be counted into the total number of persons even if they don’t need own bed.

Can I also rent bed linen/towels and, if so, how much will this cost?

You can either book bed linen when making your cottage booking, or hire this direct from the owner when you arrive. In both cases the price is the same, $20 per cabin.

Can I bring pets to the cabin?

You can bring a pet to our site. If you are planning to bring more than one pet, please contact us before making the reservation. It should always be agreed with the owner.

Please, remember to remove all pet hair from the cottage/furniture and faeces from the yard before leaving. Please, make sure that the pet does not cause any damage to the cottage or yard. The customer is responsible about all damages caused by his pet directly to the owner.

At what time can I start to use the cottage?

At 16 o’clock (4 p.m.) at the earliest.

What if we arrive at night or the following day? How can we get the key?

You must inform the cottage owner or caretaker of your time of arrival in advance. This is especially important if you intend arriving the next day or late at night. The owner or caretaker will then be there to meet you or have the key set aside for you..

How long can I stay in the cottage on the day of departure?

Until midday (12 o’clock). At the latest then you must return your keys.

What if I leave before the end of my holiday? Will I get any money back?

If you cancel your reservation during your holiday, payments will not be refunded.

Is there a place nearby we can go to eat?

Yes, here are a few recommendations for places to eat within a 5 -25 minute drive.

The Clucking Hen Café & Bakery – Super Yummy! 20 minute drive North

Lobster Galley – 15 Minute drive

Chanterelle Inn – 5 minute drive

Cal’s Place – 25 minute Drive North